Finding Grace and Hope In Your Failures: Our God is Bigger


Do you ever feel like you will never get it right? Do you feel like giving up because there is just no way you are going to ever get it right? I know I have been there time after time–making the same promises over and over again like a broken record. “I swear I am going to do it right this time,” or “I’m not giving up this time!” Failed diets, failed meal planning, failed budgeting, failed trips to the gym, failed failed FAILED. I share this not to have a pity party, but to hopefully encourage anyone reading this that they are not alone and to bring hope in two things: our failures don’t define us,God uses our failures to fuel our growth.
First and foremost its pertinent that we understand that our failures Do Not define us because our identity does not rely on us when we are God’s children. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” When we come to know, believe, and accept Christ as our Savior, we are able to discard our past and the identity that came with it and replace it with a new and pure identity in Him. We are no longer identified by the failures of our past, our slates have been wiped clean. The cool part is that the slate with our name has been swiped clean, and in its place is a new slate with the name Jesus Christ where our name once was.
Although our slates have been wiped clean and our identities placed in Christ that does not mean we will never fail again. Failing is a part of life and it is unavoidable. How we perceive our failures and move forward from them is up to us. I believe God uses our failures as opportunities for us to learn and grow and although we may fail in a particular struggle more than once, hopefully we will learn new lessons and grow each and every time. Perhaps we can look at this as: our failures allow us to learn which allows us to grow, so that we can better be a light in this ever darkening world.
How gracious is our God that He does not define us by our past, but also gives us a new identity in Him! His goodness surpasses all of my failures and turns my sadness and frustration into joy. Do you feel it? Do you see it? When we look at our failures might we be able to find little nuggets of joy in the fact that they do not define us and that our identity is in Christ who is sinless and perfect!

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