Are You A Foot Hold For Satan Or Christ?: Making The Body Of Christ Whole Again Through Our Words


I’ve written on this subject a couple times already–along the lines of “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”–and I apologize if I am beginning to sound like a broken record. It’s just that I post about things that are on the forefront of my mind and sometimes certain things seem to repeat itself, sometimes there good and sometimes not so much. Every time we open up our mouths to speak, or even type out in social media we are making one of two choices: to speak life to whoever listens or reads, or we speak death. When I say death this is obviously not in a literal sense but cause emotional and even spiritual damage. I think sometimes we are quick to forget just how impacting and long lasting our words are to others. Along the same lines of speaking life or death our words can be either used to build up others in Christ or tear them down.



I know that everyone has probably heard all of this before, and might even be tired of hearing it, but I urge you to remember and hear again. If we know all of this then why do we still choose to tear one another down, especially those we are our brothers and sister in Christ?

I wish this wasn’t the truth, but up until recently, true fellowship and friendship are not things I have found within the church. I have encountered more cliques and feelings of being closed off and alienated then I have felt accepted for who I am. I knew people who were clearly not a Christian who showed me more love and built me up more than those in the church. I know there were certain instances where there may have been words that someone said that were not meant to build me up, but more than the impacts of the words, were their actions and attitudes. For instance, when someone would ask “How are you?” It was not a genuine question but a casual thing asked in passing, which has always been a pet peeve of mine.

This was primarily in my youth years, and although I have finally found the best church that seem to truly accept and love me for  me, those wounds from way back when, over 5 years ago, still have a hold on me at times. I try my hardest to be friendly and inviting and jump right in there, but in my mind I am always wondering, “What do they think?”, “Do they really like me?”, “Will they be there in the thick of it, when I really need them?”

So, I can’t change the past, I can’t change how others act or react, but I can change me by being purposeful with my words that are spoken, written, or typed.

If you really think about it, in all that we do we are either serving Jesus or Satan, we are either a foot hold for the Lord or we are cracking holes into others for the devil. For the sake of repeating myself I want to just direct you to my last post about 3 questions I decided to ask before I posted anything on the world wide web, but is also applicable to asking before we open our mouths.

So, who will you be a foot hold for in life? Join me in striving to glorify and honor God in all we say and do, especially in building up the body of Christ, our brothers and sisters.



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