The World Wide Web Is A Mission Field Too: 3 Things To Ask Before You Post


Maybe its just me, maybe i’m alone in this, but I think I often think missions refers to international and foreign missions and I overlook the mission field that is right in front of my face. I forget that my mission field is showing Christ in the way that I mother my son, it’s in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people I come into contact. My mission field is where I am.

I think it’s hard for me sometimes because I have such a longing and desire for foreign missions, having been to Haiti once and Romania twice my feet have gotten wet and I find myself so eager to get back into foreign missions that I have not looked down and humbled myself to serve and be in the mission field that I have here and now.

I am beginning to realize though that a mission field does not have to be a particular country or city, or state. My mission field is every where that I am, not just physically but also with my social medias. Now a days with society being so media friendly, and even dependent. My Facebook, Twitter, other social media forums, and especially my blog are also mission fields for me.

So, I have decided that from now on I want to be purposeful with what I post and write about on all forums that I use on the internet. So, from now on I want to ask myself 3 questions before I post or publish anything on the internet.

1. Will this post point my viewers towards God?

If my post is not pointing others to Christ (obviously outside of pictures of family or my son) then who is it pointing them to, or where is it drawing attention? This is not to say that every single post or blog published will be  dripping with sunshine and happiness and impersonal, because that is just not realistic. It is MY social media sites and MY blog but GOD is a HUGE PART OF ME, and therefore HE should permeate everything. So, even when I find myself in a valley, or battling in something I want to be quick to praise and trust in HIM and encourage others to do the same in their trials. I want to always ask myself if I am pointing others to Christ before I post or publish anything.

2. Does this post bring God honor and glory?

This question is huge and can be a struggle to remember to ask before hitting post or publish, especially when there is a fresh wound or aggravation. When someone has hurt me, intentionally or unintentionally, or has pressed my buttons, it is so easy to go to social media or to my blog and want to vent about it, but is that really bringing God glory or honor? I have written out a blog post before and started out on  it and realized it wasn’t about God and bringing Him glory and honor at all, rather it’s more of me squawking like a loud annoying bird who just wants to be loud and make MY point. But that’s not what God wants and it’s certainly not going to do anything for my testimony.  I must be intentional in what I post and publish if I really want my walk with the Lord to be evident to all of those who  read.

3. What is my real reason for posting or publishing this?

Am I writing with the intention to bring attention to me? Am I the center of attention of my post?It’s not about me! My mission isn’t about me sharing MY stuff- it’s about projecting God out into the world. Selfishness isn’t for the social media… I need to take that into private corners, and ask myself what my mission is when I post. Does it somehow lead to my mission goal? If not- it’s not worthy of sharing.

You are my mission field, Facebook is my mission field, twitter, pinterest, every thing I post on the world wide web is my mission field. It is my prayer that the Lord would use me in this field to bring Him honor and glory.


6 thoughts on “The World Wide Web Is A Mission Field Too: 3 Things To Ask Before You Post

  1. Yes yes yes! I agree on all your points! I try my best to do this- because what goes out there is then OUT of our control. If we are careless, then what is the cost for God?

    I love that you realize this is your mission field, although you long for something bigger abroad. We can do BIG things in small ways… and sometimes we don’t realize how many souls are right in front of us, that need to be led to Him.


  2. This is great and I think this i just important in what how we talk and represent ourselves in general! The Bible says: Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin. Proverbs 13:3. Thanks for this reminder!


  3. I loved this. I find myself more and more being careful of what I say and do. Especially as a blogger. I may not be and exclusive faith blogger but I do want his light to shine through me any way it can


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