I Kiss My Son 100 Times A day And I’m Not Sorry: They’re Only Young Once


Yes, I am one of those moms who, although she stays home with her child 24/7, is constantly kissing on and hugging her child. I know you are probably the person observing from a distance, or perhaps a family member or friend who looks on saying, “Geesh, enough already. Leave the poor kid alone. You’re smothering him.” We are all entitled to our own opinions, so I’m not writing this to tell you you’re wrong for thinking this or that you can’t think these things. However, I am writing this to say that I am not going to apologize or change how I interact with my child. You may not see the need or have a desire to kiss on your child all the time, but I can’t get enough hugs or kisses from my little man and I feel like I shouldn’t change how I interact with my child for the sake of those around me.

I have always felt like your child is only little once and I, personally, want to soak it all up. I want to take in every hug and every kiss and everything in between. We all know that at some point our sweet little innocent children will turn into tyrant teenagers. There will come a time where hugs and kisses are few and far between, where you will be asking, even begging, for a kiss or hug goodbye or just because. So, excuse me while I make the most of those beloved and often taken for granted hugs and kisses.

I take this same stance when it comes to bed-sharing, co-sleeping and once they are older and like being in their own room the occasional, “Mommy I can’t sleep can I sleep with you” nights. I’m not saying your way or view isn’t right, but I am just stating mine and simply saying, “Sorry, i’m not sorry”.

So, if you’ll excuse me I have some hugs and kisses to give and receive!


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