8 Benefits Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom




I recently read an article that was titled, “When Being a Stay-At-Home Mom Isn’t A Choice”, if you would like to read it you can simply click here. In the article she discusses how many women are being forced into staying home because their income alone would basically only cover the costs of daycare. I get this, really, I do because I am someone who is in the same position. However, I choose to view being a stay-at-home mom as a choice I have made because there are more factors that went into the decision of me staying home with my son. So, I agree with her article, but I felt like it seemed a bit negative and I wanted to bring to light the many benefits of being a stay-at-home mom.

1.A peace of mind knowing that your child is getting the time, attention, and love that they need and deserve

We live in a world that is so corrupt, that I really think it is impossible to be a parent and not constantly worry about your children as it is, so I can’t imagine giving your child over to other people for 8 to 10 hours a day even though I know there are so many people who do so. I take such comfort and peace in being blessed to stay home with my son so that I don’t have to worry about him the way that I would if I had a full-time job. What a blessing we have to be able to stay home with our sweet children and what peace it brings to know they receive the love, attention, and time that they need and so deserve!!!

2. You won’t miss out on your child’s major milestones

As a stay-at-home mom it is true what they say about having no personal space or time. I mean, my child still dominates our bed for crying out loud!!! So, while that can be viewed as something that is an aggravation or annoyance, I am choosing to view it as a blessing, at least I will never miss out on something big! Haha, but really my child is with me so much I feel like I don’t miss a thing and while at times it can be a bit overwhelming I wouldn’t change it one bit because I have witnessed every milestone.

3. You save money not having to pay for childcare (duh!) so you have one less bill to worry about

Child care is always expensive, especially if you are expecting quality care and not just the bare minimum. In saying that I think I have said enough. I’m going to let this point speak for itself.

4. Quality time to bond with your child and know their strengths, weaknesses, and needs

There are obviously things that might be evident regardless if you stay home with your child or not, however in staying home with your child it allows you to be so much more in tune with your child and know their strengths and weaknesses. When your child is in daycare there is no guarantee that they will convey to you everything you need or want to know. Side note: Before you think I’m making stuff up or just assuming I should mention that I worked in childcare for 3+ years and I know by the time parents come to get their kid it’s all “Bye. Have a nice night.” Unless the parent is adamant and intentional with speaking to them. Furthermore, being able to stay home with your child allows for quality bonding time and allows for you to really see what they excel at and what might need some more work. For instance, my son is super social and he exceeds in that but he has been slower in the talking category so it’s something I know needs to be monitored. What a blessing to be able to be home and build up such a sweet bond with your child,

5. More time to get things done so that the evenings can be spent as a family and with your spouse

I’m going to let this one speak for itself as well, I think we all know how true this one can be, even with a little one running around behind you.

6. Less Stress

See #1 &3

7. The ability to slow down and actually enjoy your child and not feel so rushed in life

This is a huge one for me and one that I am so thankful for because I feel like our culture consists of constantly being rushed. Think about it for a second. Say you work from 8-5. Your time spent with your child consists of getting up yourself, waking your child getting them ready, throwing out some breakfast and run them to daycare or school, picking them up, figuring out and feed them dinner, bath, maybe an hour (two max) of down time, and then getting them into bed. I felt rushed just typing that let alone reading it back to myself! I feel so blessed and I am so thankful that I don’t have to rush this way and am able to spend my day with my son.


I want to soak up every single second I have with my son, especially at this precious age and time in his life because he won’t always be little and so loving and innocent. We have been bed sharing with our son for a while now and while there are nights that are rough and we might wake up a little sore, I’m okay with that because guess what?!? I’LL NEVER GET THIS TIME BACK! When the time comes and he is ready for his big boy bed and we finally return to normalcy of having the bed to ourselves and that inevitable night comes when we hear a knock on the door followed by a quiet little voice saying, “mommy, daddy, I can’t sleep”  we will say (with a sigh), “Get in…”  The same goes for how I feel about giving and receiving kisses and hugs from him at this age because I know the time is coming where I will be so uncool and annoying! So, I am getting it all while I can and while he is a willing participant because I dread the day where I go to kiss him and he says, “Ew mom not in front of my friends”, or “STOPPPP LEAVE ME ALONE”

So, if you are a stay-at-home mom and are feeling stuck or discouraged I hope you can read this and find encouragement in knowing how many other benefits there are to being home with your sweet little ones. Refocus your mind on all of these great benefits instead of focusing on the fact that the income you could be making would only cover the cost of childcare. There is so much good in staying home with your children.


This is what you might find happening in our home some days^^


2 thoughts on “8 Benefits Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. Great benefits for sure!! I have stayed home since my daughter was born. She is now three and I could not imagine anything I would rather do in all the world–I am having way too much fun! 🙂


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