10 Things To Look Forward To This Fall!

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So, I thought I would make a lighter post than usual and just take a minute to really take it in and enjoy the season that is fast approaching. Some of you might say, “What do you mean approaching? Fall is HERE.” Well, that is great for you, however I live in Augusta, Georgia where the temperatures are still in the 90°s and aside from a semi-cool night and occasional breeze “fall”is still not quite upon us yet. But, oh MAN can I feel it coming on! Especially since Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and some other places have begun promoting their pumpkin spice coffee/lattes! So, I figured in honor of the changing of seasons and the upcoming (or perhaps already arrived) arrival of fall I thought I would share with you my top 10 things I am excited about for Fall!

1. Cooler Temperatures

fall weather

If you live in the southern part of the US then you are probably shaking your head yes and saying out loud “Amen” at the same time. I absolutely loathe the summer because it stays so hot that I literally don’t even want to walk out of the house to get the mail, let alone go for a walk (I love going for walks, especially outdoors because I have never been someone who enjoyed the gym). Cooler temperatures is first and foremost what I am looking forward to the most about fall.

2. Campfires complete with s’mores and hot chocolate

camping 3

To me, nothing screams fall like s’mores, hot chocolate, and campfires. Now, I know that camping and s’mores are sometimes associated with summertime, but for me it is way too hot during the summer to want to sit around a campfire but s’mores are for any season or occasion! I am really hoping that my father-in-law will get his camper out some this fall so we can come along and enjoy some time at the lake but if not we actually have a very pretty pond and a fire pit out in our back yard (we live in a town home that has a community pond). I can almost picture us in our comfortable lawn chairs, a cool breeze, sticking our marshmallow on a stick in the fire pit.

3. Fall Clothes

fall clothes

I am so ready for the day where I can put on pants and a long sleeve shirt, walk outside and not feel like I will melt into a puddle of sweat. For weather that calls for a scarf, some boots and a nice little jacket.

4. The Beauty of the Changing Leaves 


I know that the beauty of God’s creation is evident in all things at all times, but there is something about the changing of seasons from summer to fall that I find absolutely breath taking and just beautiful. Is this picture not just breathtaking?!? If I had to pick one season to be year round it would be fall because the temperatures are just perfect, the leaves are breathtaking and do I really need any more reasons?!?!

5. Boiled Peanuts


I am not sure where you are from, but where I live these are signs that can be found all around the area in the fall and they are soooo good to eat! My husband will only eat boiled peanuts in the fall, he says, “It’s against my religion to eat boiled peanuts any other time of the year. I mean I bet you love egg nog but would you drink it in summer?” While this is a little funny I have to agree with him. There is nothing better than some yummy boiled peanuts in the middle of fall.

6. Other Fall Beverages and Foods

fall foos

I have already mentioned a few of the edible things that make fall so great, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include some of the greatest things out there like the pumpkin flavored coffee (I think I mentioned this earlier), cinnamon apples, and one of my personal favorites (but hard on the teeth) caramel apples. My mouth is watering just looking and thinking about these yummy and delicious fall foods! Is your mouth watering too?

7.  A visit to the Pumpkin patch


So, for my husband it’s all about those boiled peanuts. I like them just as much as the next person, but he LOVES them. It’s the same way for me with pumpkin patches. When I was younger it was a tradition that every year my father and I would gut the pumpkin and carve it together and then I would bake the pumpkin seeds. Now there is a saying that goes something like, ” I did these things when I was a child, but when I grew up I put childish things away”, well not this one. I don’t think I will ever grow out of loving to do this, and thankfully I now have a reason to carry on this tradition (although my son wont be able to enjoy this for another 8 years or so).

 8. Celebrating birthdays for my 2 loves


As if fall wasn’t amazing enough, it is the time that my boys celebrate their birthdays! Believe it or not their birthdays are a day apart. My husband was born on October 24, 1984 and our first son was born on October 23, 2012. I was induced 2 weeks early so technically I could have chosen for them to share the same birthday, but I felt HUGE and I was so ready to meet my son I told my husband that they would just have to be a day apart, believe it or not he was actually disappointed that they weren’t going to share a birthday. So, I guess I have to admit I may have a bit of a bias for the season of fall.

9. Chili just tastes 10 times better


This is a Pampered Chef dish that I made called Chipotle Chili Cornbread, and it is absolutely SINFUL. But let me tell you, I can not wait to make it again in a few weeks when the temperatures have dropped a little outside and the warm food will taste even better (if you can imagine that)! The season of soup, chili, cornbread, and much more!

10. Breaking out some fall scents to make your house smell amazing


I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than when my house fills with the wonderful aroma of fall. I love anything with cinnamon in the scents and I have GOT to try the Frosted Ginger Cookie and the Dulce de Leche! Heck, if I could afford it I would buy them and try them all! If you would like to buy one of scentsy’s many smells or warmers please go to my friends site and shop  away here.

And, just because I want to, here is my bonus reason.


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