From Date Night, My Birthday, Sleep Schedules and More


Date Night

This picture was taken on Friday night when the hubs and I went on a much needed date night and for the first time and what felt like months we had the night to ourselves! Dinner was great because we went to a place we don’t get to go to very often called TakoSushi, but what made it so wonderful was not having to wrangle an almost 2 year old little boy the entire time and cutting every sentence short with a “Shhhh”, or “here, don’t drop that….EWW DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!” We also got to do a little shopping if you will…..well I just got some makeup and some really nice scents for my Scentsy warmers, now my house smells like pumpkin pie and red apple! Then we got to, for the first time in what seems like forever, sit down in a quiet house and just relax. I remember a couple years ago date night was dinner and a movie and staying up late doing whatever, and now our date night consists of dinner, a little shopping sometimes and just chilling at the house.

My Birthday


If I had to sum up my birthday in one word it would be busy.  My birthday fell on a Sunday and so we had church, lunch out to eat (with my in-laws and a few friends), home for 2 hours and then church home group followed by dinner out to eat (with my parents)! Phew I am getting tired again just by reading this! Ha well next year I’m sure it will be less eventful when it lands on a Monday! But, in all seriousness it was such a great day and I feel so blessed by all of the people who wished me a happy birthday and made me feel so special and loved.

Sleep Schedule(FINALLY!!!!)


So, for those who don’t know me or my family we have not been very schedule oriented people, and when he was younger it wasn’t too bad but as of late, especially with bed sharing and the fact that he refuses to sleep in his crib, it was becoming unbearable. There were times where he would be awake until 2-3 AM and then sleep til noon and having adopted and kind of sticking to the whole “sleep when baby (or toddler) sleeps” we were both off schedule. So last week I made it a point to set an alarm and wake up by 9:30 every morning, I know for many that seems so late when your schedule is probably having them up by 7 or 8 but my son also does not go down until around 10 or so and it is a schedule that works for us. Anyways, after a couple days and a sleepy boy who fought his day time naps all week we finally seem to have arrived at some sort of a schedule. It isn’t perfect but he has been asleep before midnight every night so far (knock on wood) and he has been waking up between 8:30 and 9:30 AM on his own! Praise God for giving me the patience and finally the discipline to enforce a schedule and for allowing it to be a smoother transition then I originally thought. Next is to get him reacquainted to the crib…..Despite my efforts to have him nap in his crib during the day he seems to wake up every single time screaming and absolutely inconsolable, sometimes he wakes after having a good 2 hour nap, other times he wakes up 10 minutes after I put him down…. Oh well, one thing at a time I guess.

The And More: “MAN DOWN”


This^^^^ but not as graceful! When we were at the restaurant for lunch I was wearing flip flops and that combined with slick floors made for a BAD  result. I was mid-walk and my father-in-law was telling me that we were on the other side so I tried to stop and take a step back at the same time and I guess my leg buckled and my right ankle went completely underneath me causing me to fall down in a heap….. and for whatever reason my normal response to pain and such occurrences is to cry, so there I am on the restaurant floor trying to stifle back the crying/tears and trying hard to avoid  “ugly crying” at all cost as the workers at the restaurant walk around me without checking to see if I was okay…. Anyways, I was able to put weight on it almost immediately after so I figured maybe its okay….well today I woke up with it a bit swollen and painful when walking and a constant throb 😦 What a graceful beginning to the 25th year of my life.

What was your weekend like?

Here’s to hoping it was not as busy or clumsy as mine ad if your’s was anything like mine, minus the injury, then I am sure this might sum up how you felt last night



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