Fave Four TV Shows (That Are Actually Kid Friendly)

I don’t know about you, but ever since my son has gotten a little older we have had to start really editing what we watch in front of him (basically any time he is awake). So. I thought it would be fun to list 5 shows that my husband and I LOVE to watch and CAN watch in front of our son. I am going to list them in order from which one we watch the most to what we watch ever so often.

1. King Of Queens


My husband and I have always loved this show and we watched it even before we had Silas. Although there might be an occasional word that would slip out in an episode, overall it is a clean show that poses no problems to watch in front of him.

What is this show about: If you have never seen this show, it is about a working class married couple, The Heffernan’s, who live your every day average persons life. That is, until the wife, Carrie, has her father, Arthur, move in with them after his wife dies and proves he is unable to live alone anymore (this happens in the pilot episode). The show is all about the family dynamic and how Carrie’s father is almost like the child that they never had. It could be compared to an old TV show called The Honeymooners. Here is a little clip  for you to enjoy!

I can honestly say that no show has brought us such laughter and smiles as King Of Queens has, so much so that we often find ourselves quoting the show to each other.

2. Raising Hope

raising hope 2

This show is equally hilarious and the kind of show that you can watch reruns for days!

What is this show about: This show is about Jimmy (the one with the baby carrier) who lives with his parents and his crazy grandmother until he knocks up a serial killer and is given custody of the baby. This show is about a family working together to take care of this little girl and about Jimmy falling for a girl who is already with someone else. The grandmother, Cloris Leachman provides a lot of laughs with her craziness, and the funniest thing is that they are always mispronouncing of big words. I found a clip that has a compilation of some of my absolute favorite scenes.

I just love this show, and I think if you give it a try you will fall in love with this show too!

3. Yes, Dear


Now this is a show that I recently started watching and I have to say it is hilarious and it’s refreshing to watch episodes I haven’t seen before and re-watched several times!

What is this show about: This show is about 2 different families living in close quarters with one another. It is 2 sisters: Christine and Kim and their husbands Jimmy and Greg. Kim and Greg live in a nice home in California which has a guest house and when Jimmy and Christine move to California to make a new start they find that living in California is expensive and that they can not afford it, so they move in to Kim and Greg’s guest house with their 2 sons, Dominic and Logan.Kim and Greg have one son named Sammy who is around Logan’s age. The show is about them all living together and Greg would rather not have them living with them! Here is a clip in case my explanation isn’t doing the show justice.

If you don’t want to watch the entire video just watch to 2:30! You won’t regret it!

4. King Of The Hill

king of the hill

This is actually one that I don’t watch too much of, but I do enjoy watching it and there are some really hilarious episodes. Not to mention the fact that it is animated so it really draws in the attention of my son so occasionally I can put on something that is animated and not a Disney movie or Elmo or something like that!.

What is this show about: This show is about a Texan family. The father/husband, Hank sells propane and enjoys drinking and spending time with his family and friends, his wife, Peggy is a teacher and can be somewhat opinionated. The son, Bobby, can be quite effeminate and in my opinion is my favorite character and the best scenes are between Hank and Bobby because Bobby enjoys doing things that are not as manly as Hank would like, and so he is often embarrassed by his son. Here is a compilation clip of some funny scenes that crack me up every time.

My absolute favorite though would have to be the “DON’T TOUCH ME! THAT’S MY PURSE!” episode!

These are my fave four TV shows, I would absolutely Love for you to comment below and tell me your fave four shows!


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