A Biblical Look Into The 7 Deadly Sins Series: Introduction

7 Deadly

So, some of my most recent posts have been pretty light in  content and just a little more fun and playful, but I was kind of at a plateau  and was not feeling very motivated or urged to write about anything in particular. That is, until now. I am not sure what really sparked this but I was brainstorming and I thought about how everyone has heard of “The 7 Deadly Sins”, there was even a Lifetime movie about it, which I shamefully must admit I watched (very long but I still liked it).  Although I have seen the movie, and like most people have heard what they are, but I have to honestly admit that I forget some here or there, so I want to use this introduction time to list them out as well in case you too can’t remember (save you a trip to Google :D). Also, I just want to let y’all know I may not post in the exact order that I write them but here they are:








I contemplated going into each one briefly, but I think I will wait!

I really hope you guys will follow me as I walk through the 7 Deadly Sins and dig a little deeper into what the Holy Word of God has to say about each and every one.


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