Sorry guys! It’s been a busy weekend and I haven’t blogged but I figured I would make up for it with some cute pictures. What do you say?!?! Could we call it even?!?

si si

All forgiven?!? Oh why thank you! Ha ha! But wait! There’s MORE! Oh yea, and just FYI he turns 2 on October 23 but we had his pictures done this Saturday because October is just so hectic for us with both my husband and Silas turning 2!

silas mustache

Perfect for his birthday theme which in case you didn’t catch on to, is mustache themed!

us family

This one and the next one I am about to post mean the world to me because we have very little family photos and I have been dying for some family pictures!

us family 2

This little interruption has been brought to you with photos from Casey Bennett Photography! You can check out her website

She is a local photographer in the Augusta (CSRA) area!


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