Beautifully Innocent

Silas (51)

As I was looking through all the pictures we got from Silas’ second birthday photo shoot and this picture just stands out to me so much for some reason. I think in part it’s his little piercing blue eyes staring at the camera. He looks so innocent, he IS so innocent. So blissfully unaware of the pain and the hurt and the evil of the world. Not a care or worry in the world, all his needs met. Sometimes I envy (horrible I know considering we just went through the 7 Deadly Sins)  my sweet little boy, that his biggest problem is when mommy takes away that oh so cool but dangerous object in which he somehow obtained that could impale him. No worries of making payments on all of the various bills that come in life, no fear of the downward spiral of our society. He simply lives and enjoys life as it comes his way. He is…. beautifully innocent.

I so often look into those sweet baby blue eyes and wonder, “what are you thinking about sweet boy?” I so cherish watching him every single day grow a little more, understand a little more, and love a little more. I know that one day he will lose this innocence, no matter how hard I try to protect him from the world, regardless of our choice in homeschooling. But, knowing this truth will not stop me from trying to keep that twinkle in his eye, from keeping him as innocent as I can, for as long as possible.

I truly believe homeschooling my son, and other children will help guard my children’s innocence longer than others, however it is my goal and desire to have an open relationship with my children. One in which they feel comfortable to come to me or their father about something they have heard or seen and ask us questions not only about it, but about what we believe and what our faith and our God has to say about it. I want my children to come to us, and to lean on us for further understanding, but there is someone I want them to depend on and lean on more, Jesus Christ, and there is a Book that I want them to turn to when they have questions, the Bible.

No one can stay innocent forever, but we can all find hope and peace and comfort in the Lord and in the promises of His Word. If I can teach my children one thing that sticks with them through the entirety of their lives it would be that the Lord is good, His Word is true, and although people in this life will let you down His Word will never let you down, NEVER.

So with that, let us all keep our children as innocent as we can for as long as we can, and when the day comes that their innocence is tainted, may we have the words to say, and may we allow the Spirit to lead us in teaching our children that He is the one who renews us and can give us comfort, peace, and sometimes, not always, but sometimes give us understanding.

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