In That Moment….Time Stood Still

Silas (70)

I love this picture because it reminds me of moments that make time stand still. You have the big iconic moments when time stands still.

Say your wedding day,


and the day your child is born are the big ones that come to mind.

baby born

But, sometimes I think we forget the little moments that stand still in time as well, and it is just so neat and beautifully wonderful when they are caught on camera. I know that i probably drive people nuts sometimes with the amount of pictures or videos I take and post, but I feel like the time I have with my son, and my husband are so important and life is so fleeting that I want all of my moments to stand still in time. We so often take for granted the time we have together and the blessing that we have in being able to hold our memories in our minds.  There are people who develop Alzheimer’s, who get in life altering accidents and lose those memories and it is such a blessing to have these memories and moments recorded just in case. I love looking back at those precious moments, moments where in my life time stood still. I look forward to the moments to come which will make time stand still yet again.

Here are a couple of the smaller moments in which time stood still in my life.

First Halloween

first halloween

First Christmas

first christmas better

First Birthday

first birthday

These are my moments that make time stand still, what are yours?


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