surprise fixed

Apparently this is the face you receive when you throw your  husband a surprise party! I am so glad that I can finally post about this and the best part of it all is I finally don’t have to keep something from my husband! I have never been known for my secret keeping skills and I have definitely NEVER been known for my sneakiness. Yet, somehow I pulled it off and according to my husband he was “110% surprised” which is a HUGE success for me. Whats funny is I did perfectly fine up until the day of the party (which was Saturday night). The day of the party I literally said to him, “are you going to shower before the party?” and he laughed and was just like “what?” Thankfully Silas’ party is next Sat so I just said I was thinking of his party and I meant to say dinner, and apparently it worked. Another funny thing is my decoy, close friends of ours, weren’t even able to make it to the party and that REALLY threw him for a loop. Despite all of my paranoia and bouts of nervousness the party went great and we had a pretty good turn out!

The one downside to having your birthday so close to your child’s would be the worry or concern that your birthday would be forgotten or looked over. I’m not sure if this is just your typical man or just my husband but he would say things like, “through all the planning and craziness of preparing for Silas’ party people are going to be too wrapped up in him their going to forget I’m turning 30.” But then he would throw me off by saying things like, ” but I don’t want a surprise party.” While this party was a bit stressful I am so glad that I could do this for him to reassure him that he is loved and remembered and cared for by many. Which he should know by now since he has held my hand and my heart for the past 4 years. I love him to the moon and back and if a surprise party was something he desired (deep down but wouldn’t admit) and would help him feel loved, appreciated, and seen then I was more than happy to provide him with that peace of mind.

I was so grateful for everyone’s patience with me as I sent out invites on Facebook with a time and specific restaurant and then the Monday before had to change the location and all my annoying messages in between trying to get RSVP’s and reassuring myself that everyone would indeed arrive at the correct location. No worries though because I am sure, like the surprise party, the hard work will pay off and I really hope and believe everyone will have a ball!
I can finally take a deep breath now and on to the next thing! Preparing for Silas second birthday party is going to be far more rigorous then my husbands surprise party! From cleaning the house top to bottoms, baking and decorating 40 cupcakes, decorating the house and making sure my little man is looking all dapper and cute for his debut I will not be bored this week that’s for sure!


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