From Pampered Chef to Jamberry to Origami Owl. I GOT YOU COVERED GIRL!

PicMonkey Collage for my blog

Okay, so I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to share with you guys these three products that I have hosted parties for and products in which I have come to know and love. It also just so happens that I have friends and a sister-in-law who sells these products, which is always nice! So, because I have a touch of OCD I’m going to go in the order in which I wrote in the title.

So, first off is Pampered Chef!

pampered chef for blog

So, if I haven’t mentioned before I have been with my husband for 4 years, and married for 3. Through marriage I inherited 2 lovely sister-in-laws, one of which, Stephanie,  is a Pampered Chef consultant and has been for 13 or 14 years now! So, naturally she was wanting me to host a party and it took her 3 years but finally I caved and hosted a Pampered Chef party a couple months ago. It was the beautiful beginning and step for me. What I mean by that is up until then I had never hosted anything in our home, let alone really had friends over for dinner. We were always the meet up at a restaurant or go back to their place kind of couple. So, throwing the Pampered Chef party and having my Stephanie host it with me as the consultant was great and not only did I find some things that I found I really needed and ever wanted in my kitchen was an added bonus. I had gone to Pampered Chef parties before and I had seen a product called the rockcrok and I LOVED it. It was my “wish list” item and I knew it was what I wanted to earn from my show.


If you love to get into the kitchen and bake and cook up things then you will LOVE pampered chef and you can shop online here. You can also host online parties to sell the product and when you sell a certain amount of $$ you qualify for free items! You can find contact information with the site I provided you and email my sister-in-law Stephanie if you are interested. If you’re not interested then you can shop online til your heart and kitchens are satisfied!



jamberry for my blog

Okay, so do I really need to say much on this one?!? What woman doesn’t enjoy having pretty nails?!? So, these nails are soo cool and there is NO dry time or chemicals in them and they last for 2 weeks. What’s more?!? The are $15 for 1 sheet which is 2 manicures and 2 pedicures lasting 2 weeks a piece! There is also a buy 3 get 1 free deal! I know a few friends who sell jamberry, but a sweet friend of mine recently started, her name is Sarah and if you’re interested in buying some you can do your shopping here! Oh, did I mention over 300 designs!!!!!!! Check out my nails!!!!!!


These are the “pumpkin spice” wraps and they are perfect for the fall! Buy yours today and contact me or the consultant from the site I sent above about hosting an online Facebook  party!

Before I move on though I want to share with you 2 videos which might help you in the application process!

Cold application and baggie method

Then the hairspray method as well as ways to fix some mess ups.

And FINALLY we have our

Origami Owl!

origami owl pic for blog

I saved the best for last (in my personal opinion/preference), which I say because I am all about some jewelry. If it sparkles I want it! I am in LOVE with this product. From their shipping time to the products themselves. The best part is they have something for everyone (unless you are a strictly ring kind of gal)! They have wrap bracelets, of course the locket necklaces, regular bracelets and earrings! My best friend Alex started selling this product recently and she is amazing. If you would like to shop online you can click here. So far I have bought earrings, their twist locket (if you are seriously considering buying this product I highly suggest the twist as you can more easily place charms and in my opinion the appearance is a little bigger and looks better(again my personal opinion but all of their products are super cute)). Take a look at my locket and earrings!


If you’re anything like me, fall and winter and the holidays that it brings are my absolute favorite! Well, wouldn’t you love to wear a piece of jewelry that embodied your love for your favorite holiday and that told your unique story?!? For instance, since I love Christmas I just knew I had to have a snowflake plate (the plate is the silver piece which says “blessed” in the picture above), and charms like the snowflake, gingerbread girl, rolling pin, Santa owl, nativity scene, and there are so many to choose from! Here are just three looks you could try, one of which would look AMAZING at your New Years party!

final picmonkey origami

Aright girls! Pick your poison, or all of them! From cooking in the kitchen, to girls night mani-pedi, to the jewels around your neck! Just remember, I got you covered!


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