Lending Other’s A Hand: 3 Ways To Teach Ourselves and Our Children To Have A Servant’s Heart

Lend A Hand

So, our church has decided to do a free health clinic and is requesting for volunteers  to assist in various way, including evangelizing, praying, and welcoming the people as they come in. I am so excited about this opportunity to serve not only my church but my community and I really don’t want this to be a one time thing, but rather a change in my life and a change in only focusing on myself and my family, and turn some of my attention and care to serving my church and community faithfully. The upcoming opportunity to serve my church and community has put in my mind and my heart the desire to serve and the desire to teach my son, and my future children to have a servant’s heart. It is so easy to say and think that teaching my children to have a servant’s heart would mean taking him, or them to the soup kitchen or the homeless shelters and nursing homes to serve food or sing to them or just spend time with them, but I think there is more to it. It needs to be an attitude and an attribute not something that will fill your free Saturdays. So, here are 3 ways I want to teach myself, my family, and my children to embody a servant’s heart.

1. Constantly be looking for others who are in need, and then willingness to give however we can.

I think a good way to constantly have a servant’s heart would be to always be on the look out of those less fortunate who might be in need of something. Example: If you see someone who is struggling to come up with the money they need at the cash register or placing food back at the grocery store and you have extra money hand it to them and if the opportunity presents itself share the Word with them and that the Lord placed them on your heart.

2. Always be in prayer for others and asking God how you can best serve others.

I feel like in order to truly serve others and the Lord, we must be in tune with the Lord and allow the Spirit to guide you along the way. I want the Lord to lead me to those He would like for me to serve and I want Him to bless all that I do, because I want to come from a place of humility. I want to pray with my children each day so that they might learn at a young age that we want the Lord to bless us and lead us in all things.

3. Remain connected with your church and community and the more public and larger ways you can serve.

The easiest way to at least find more ways to serve the community and your church is through the bigger events, like the free health clinic that will go on at my church in November. I also think it is important to always, always, ALWAYS pray over what we do especially when it comes to serving others.

I believe that we should pray over all that we do and that serving the Lord faithfully means putting our own agendas aside and praying to the Lord for guidance on how and who we should serve, when we should serve them.

It is my hope and prayer that my family would begin to shift our focus onto the church and the community and that we would always be looking for the next opportunity to help and serve, all the while praying for those around us and for the guidance that the Lord can and will provide us when we seek Him.


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