Most People Are Saying, “Happy Halloween!”, But Today I am Saying, “Happy Reformation Day!”


Most people I know are out celebrating Halloween tonight (and if I had been a better momma my kid would be in a costume and we would have gone out too), but I think it is great to pause and remember something far more impacting and meaningful that happened over 400 (almost 500) years ago. Today 497 years ago Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the door of a church in Germany. Martin Luther didn’t agree with some of the things the Catholic church was teaching , biggest one probably being the idea that one can earn their salvation and so with these 95 points he made clear to the church that it is only through Scripture alone that we can truly understand how one is saved. In understanding scripture we come to understand that salvation comes from 5 things alone: scripture alone, Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, all to the glory of  God alone.

While I am not one of those people who ban Halloween and think it is evil  or something. I love dressing my son up for Halloween, even though we didn’t do anything this year, and I think it is just as fun as the next person does, but I also think that we should always draw things back to Christ and I love how some churches, like my moms, have reformation parties where the kids still get to dress up and before the fun, games and candy they have a small time of worship and teach the kids and have like a little quiz with the kids about the reformation. My husband and I went last year with Silas and we were impressed with how the kids knew these answers that even some adults might not know. How fun and educational! So, to some today is Happy Halloween but for me today is Happy Reformation day, and the first year that I am calling myself reformed and celebrating my decision to be reformed. You see, I grew up Catholic for the first years of my life and about middle school age my mom began going to a Presbyterian church. So, I technically sat under reformed theology and teaching during my youth but I feel like they didn’t constantly talk about how they were reformed, and I was more focused on the message that I could take away and not the theology (I  have never been a really deep thinker) and so I never really accepted reformed theology as my own until recently. So this year reformation day is not just some substitute for Halloween or just a passing thing I see here or there, but it’s something that carries meaning to me.

So, with that I will say, HAPPY REFORMATION DAY Y’ALL!

Click here for more on reformation day.


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