What Kind Of Kid’s Are We Raising These Days?!?!

So, i’m sure many have heard and seen the whole Jimmy Kimmel’s, “I told my kids I ate all their candy” where each year he challenges parents to tell their children that they ate all their Halloween candy and then video tape their reactions. So, at first I thought, “oh that’s funny, some of the kid’s are cute with their responses.” However the more I watch these the more appalled I become with how these kids react to something so trivial. Just take a look for yourself.

While some of the reactions are “Aww” worthy most of them make my jaw drop thinking, “how is this behavior okay or even laugh-worthy” and “if my child said that to me or acted that way I would spank and ground them.” When did it become so cute and funny to watch a 5 year old scream and cry over candy while flailing around?!? Some of the parents are laughing as they video tape their children acting out. What happened to manners and a sweet demeanor being what had everyone in aww. I want to raise up children who are well behaved, think of others first, and above all aims to honor and glorify God. I know some of you are reading this and think that I am taking this video and the children’s reactions far too seriously but I just can’t seem to get myself to think these types of things are funny anymore. I don’t know why parents think it’s cute that their children have such a false sense of entitlement that they become so angry and incoherent over someone eating their candy. Of all the responses I saw there were only 2 that I would be proud to call my child and that handled the situation with manners. Don’t even get me started on the very last response.

Also, it is unfair to judge the children’s behavior without first thinking about and examining the behavior of these parents. As parents we have little ones who trust us and believe what we tell them and I feel like it is sad that these parents are breaking the trust and bond between them and their children when they pull this stunt. They laugh as their children cry and throw these fits and I feel like it’s sad to act that way to their children. We should be showing our children what kindness looks like and how to bestow kindness upon others, not tricking them and making them cry while taping it.

Is it just me? Am I the only one appalled by the way in which children react to not getting their candy they so richly deserve(heavy on the sarcasm right here)? Do I just fail to see the hilarity in this whole thing?

Rant over…..regular postings to resume tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “What Kind Of Kid’s Are We Raising These Days?!?!

    1. I agree with you to a certain extent, however I feel like those 2 kids who reacted calmly and were not spazzing out is proof that some children do know how to act right and is a matter of parenting and somewhat personality. i think we have to always account some for their personalities. Thanks for checking out my post and commenting your thoughts! Always nice to get some more feedback!


  1. I agree – this is not at all worth laughing at… it is appalling that the kids acted the way they did – but it is totally disgraceful that those parents would lie to their children like that. In a sense, it doesn’t necessarily seem like an attitude of entitlement(I do believe such an attitude is very wrong), but this is a bit different, I think. Those kids have that candy… apparently with their parent’s approval and in a sense, that candy was “theirs”, and the parents lied and basically stole from their children… and then the parents were laughing at their children’s pain. That is NOT what loving parents do. Some of the children were disrespectful and swearing and it was pretty awful… but the parents were very disrespectful to their children also… and having fun at another person’s expense isn’t really fun at all…. it is unkindness. No wonder those children reacted as they did if that is how they are being raised. I have never seen this before and I feel so sad and sickened by this being used as something to laugh at. This is not what would please the Lord at all.


    1. Was that last question directed to me? LOL sorry I may be misreading your comment. Thank you for your feedback! I always love getting comments on my posts and knowing what others think as well! Glad you visited my blog and hope you check out some more posts!


    2. “I am with you in that I would be appalled if my kids ever behaved like that.”

      If you intentionally made your child cry no reason other to make yourself feel good, you deserve to have your child yell at you.

      If you intentionally provoke your child to have a negative reaction, and you get angry at the kid for having said negative reaction, you’re an idiot.


  2. Any parent who *intentionally* makes their kid cry is a horrible parent. Period.

    I’m also surprised that people watch these videos and say that these kids are “spoiled” and “entitled”. The kids own the candy. It’s their personal property. It’s not “entitlement” when you get upset when someone steals your own property.

    If I stole your car and trashed it, you’d be upset. Does it mean you have a false sense of “entitlement”? No, because you own the car and have every right to be upset.


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