Walking The Line Between Fairy Tale and Fallacy

So, something I have been torn on as my son grows older is the idea of Santa Claus and if we should celebrate and allow our children to believe in Santa until their old enough to know different, or just not even introduce the idea to him at all. Why am I even talking about this? Well the past 2 day’s I’ve seen this article or post about ideas for your children during the holidays and there was a letter that was included to a child from his parents about Santa. The site is here if you would like to check it out.

The letter said:

santa letter 1

santa letter 2

While this is incredibly sweet and a unique idea there is something off about it that I just can’t quite get over. I think what gets to me is that there isn’t much of an emphasis on Jesus and how He is the focal point of Christmas and He is what should give us such joy and spirit of happiness and hope. I was talking to a friend about this and she was saying that she was going to celebrate and do the Santa thing until her daughter asked her at which point they would reveal the truth that there is no Santa, that it’s really just mommy and daddy  doing presents and pretending but then explaining that the true meaning is all about the birth of Jesus and that He is the reason for the season and for our hope and happiness. I have another friend who has simply decided to not even introduce the idea of Santa to her children and I gotta say, I am just so torn at which I want to do for my son and other children. I want my children to  believe in what they can not see because I KNOW it is essential for them in order to believe and trust in Jesus, however I don’t want to cause them confusion with fictional characters such as Santa. I love the idea of writing my kids a letter when they get a little older to explain to them why it is we don’t celebrate or believe in Santa. What are your thoughts?!?! Would love for you to comment your thoughts and maybe even some unique ideas as well.


2 thoughts on “Walking The Line Between Fairy Tale and Fallacy

  1. I use to celebrate Santa with my older children, when they were young, and also tried to involve the “true” meaning of Christmas which is Jesus Christ. However, I found that no matter what I did to involve the message of Christ, Santa was more appealing to my children. Santa always ended up overshadowing the birth of Jesus. My husband actually put a stop to “Santa” many years ago, because for him it was a bad childhood memory (having had a physical altercation at school when he was 6 years old because an older boy said Santa wasn’t real, and then his mother revealing that what the boy said was true, my husband felt that his mother was now a liar for having told him that Santa was real. Later when she tried to tell him about Jesus he didn’t believe her). Obviously we can’t avoid Santa. He’s everywhere! So I have been telling our littlest ones who Santa is supposed to represent ( an old saint who gave to children) but that what he is today is distorted and a fantasy. We focus on Jesus, the tree as a representation of the trinity, gift-giving as a representation of Christ giving to us, and just the spirit of loving and giving during this time of year. We don’t even miss Santa at all 🙂

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