All Is Merry And Bright: A Family Christmas Photo Shoot

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One of my FAVORITE pictures from a Christmas photo shoot we had about 2 weeks ago.  I love the bright red in the picture and the way he looks like he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar and the fireplace in the back just makes it even more festive!

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I love this picture of my little guy because the lighting is just so cool and I love the red and green of the mistletoe ball with the black jacket and that blond hair. Really it was a miracle we even got a good picture because he was standing on a chair and I think he was scared the chair was going to fall over so daddy had to hold his other hand so he would cooperate.


This, THIS is my favorite of favorite pictures (minus the crows feet)! It is so hard to find pictures of Silas and I that I love and this one is it! He brings me so much joy in my life and I feel like it really shines through in this picture and I like to think the feeling is mutual! 😉


I don’t love this picture as much but I do LOVE his expression and the side profile of his smile and well all of him. He is such a burst of energy and life and I think you can see it even in this side profile of him.


This picture is so sweet and I love the bond that my husband shares with our son.I think there is something about the love a father has for his child that is just so touching and so beautiful to see. These two give my life such joy, love, laughter, and I know I would be so lost without them here with me, walking together in life.

I lovcollage

Merry Christmas (early) from the Dent’s!


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