Bye Bye Santa Claus: The Podcast That Helped Us Make Our Final Decision

no santa

So, about a month ago I posted about the whole “Santa or no Santa” thing and my husband and I weren’t really in agreement or sure what to do so I let it settle (you can read my previous post here).Well, tonight we listened to a John Piper podcast, posted below and it really helped us make our decision to not do Santa in our home.

Now, I want to disclaimer this because I don’t want anyone to think that I am judging or telling others what they should or shouldn’t do, I am just discussing what my family has decided to do.

I haven’t been listening to John Piper for very long but I always love what he has to say because it always gets me thinking, and I almost always find myself siding with whatever he says. It’s not that I just  blindly agree with what Piper says, it’s more like what he says  matches up with what I believe and what the Word says. In the podcast there was a couple of things that really struck me. No, that’s a lie, the whole podcast struck me. If you click here you will find the complete transcript of the podcast. I have to share what stood out to me so much though was when he said,

“Santa Claus cannot solve our worst problem. Jesus did solve our worst problem, our sin and our alienation from God. Santa Claus can put some icing on the cake of the good life, but he cannot take a shattered life and rebuild it with hope forever. And our kids need to know that about Christmas….So there is no contest here. I cannot see why a parent, if they know and love Jesus, if they have found Jesus to be the greatest treasure in the world, why they would bring Jesus out of the celebration and Santa into the celebration at all — I mean, he is just irrelevant. He has nothing to do with it. He is zero.”

I mean, for me personally and for my husband we weren’t sure where we stood on Santa, but as we listened to this together it became so clear that Santa has no place in our home, and that is not an easy thing for me, and I can’t speak for my husband but I don’t think it was the easiest decision for him either. We, like most people, grew up with Santa in our home and by far and away most people we know, including other family members celebrate Santa as well and so we know that our decision may not sit well with others, but we feel that this is what will bring Jesus the honor and glory that He so deserves.

Today in church we discussed Philippians 2:1-11 and how Jesus emptied Himself for us and about the sacrifice of incarnation and the sacrifice of the Cross and how other than Easter Christmas is so important because it marks our Savior, the King of Kings coming down to earth for us. Not as a Prince but as a lowly servant and as a helpless baby, He lived a life of a servant and emptied Himself out for others. He then died the death of a slave, a servant, a criminal and He emptied Himself out so that He could take all of our sins upon Himself and suffer for us so that we could have eternal life. The sacrifice of incarnation is what we celebrate every year on December 25 and it has become so so vividly clear to me that I want nothing to impede, distract, or take away from HIM. I know people are going to think we are so boring and mean for not doing Santa with our son but I think Piper said it best when he was finishing the podcast he said,

“So my counsel is to give all your efforts to making your children as happy as they can possibly be with every kind of surprise that is rooted in the true meaning of Christmas. Let your decorations point to Jesus. Let your food point to Jesus. Let your games point to Jesus. Let your singing point to Jesus. Out-rejoice the world, out-give the world, out-decorate the world, and let it all point to Jesus.”

If I am being honest when we decided that we were going to do away with Santa I was a little sad about not getting Silas picture taken with Santa because we have done it every year since he was born and so it was kind of a tradition but obviously if we aren’t doing Santa with our children then there is no reason we should be having his picture taken with the guy (which last year he was scared of anyways so maybe we’re doing him a favor).

But it’s okay because there are other fun things we can do, fun things that will point our son to Christ and will hopefully aid in him coming to know Christ at a young age. So, yes we are the boring and weird family that doesn’t believe in Santa and won’t be taking him to the mall anymore to get his picture taken with Santa, no more presents under the tree from Santa dearest, but the present of a KING coming down to earth and making Himself a lowly servant for us and then dying a death of a servant or criminal for us so that we could have eternal life is the best and most important present we could ever have and I want my children to know that above all else.

Farewell Santa Claus,

The Dents


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Santa Claus: The Podcast That Helped Us Make Our Final Decision

  1. Very nicely put. We have a couple of neighbor kids, 6 and 9 years old who were talking w/ my kids about santa claus… my kids said that isn’t real. These neighbor kids adamantly defended that it is SO, real…. their reason? They said they knew their parents would never lie to them and since their parents say it is real…. then it is real. No, this is not a Christian family. How sad, though… and what happens when they find out someday, that santa ISN’T real? Do they end up believing their parents are liars? I told my kids to leave it alone… it is not our job to dispel the santa myth. We are praying, though.

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  2. You could simply tell your kids about saint Nicholas that’s who Santa comes from anyway. He stood against an evil king that banned Christmas and set heavy taxes on the poor. He simply wanted to bring joy to the oppressed people’s lives by making toys for all the poor children who didn’t have anything. He snuck into houses dropping toys off at night for fear of being arrested. No one ever knew who dropped the toys off for years until saint Nicholas died. Ever since we’ve been celebrating his memory and good heart.


      1. True but what do you do when the kid asks “why do we have presents when Jesus hates materialism”… open the door for anthropology a bit. We simply built traditions over the years. Unfortunately Santa became a victim of satanic idolatry. You don’t have to lie or take away from God by simply telling the truth. And it should make him think a bit about how the world works at the same time 😀


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