Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015: A Year In Review & New Years Resolutions


“What do you mean the year is almost over?!?’

2014 In Review

Every year around this time I find myself saying, “Wow, where did the year go?!?’ So, the year of 2014 has been another one for the books and as always there have been some ups and downs but we have been blessed with a very happy and healthy year, no visits to the hospital or major sicknesses and that is always huge! Silas is growing like a weed and has really come into his own! He is  big boy now and has started to become more and more independent. He loves trying to feed himself and he says please and thank you (we are starting speech therapy in the New Year) and loves to talk even though no one understands him! My year has been all about my little guy and occasionally watching other kids here and there and Steven has kept busy with work and spending his time with us when he isn’t working. It has been a pretty uneventful year, and really I’m okay with that.

Silas Turned 2


In October we celebrated Silas turning 2 and we did a mustache themed party at our house, in our back yard with some of our close friends and family and it was so much fun! It was complete with mustache sandwiches and cupcakes! In fact, October was a big month for us because my sweet husband turned the big 3-0 and so for his birthday I put together a little surprise party at a mexican restaurant for him. It was a nice little group of friends and family and the best part?!?! I actually surprised him!!!!!!!!!!

surprise fixed

a friend of mine snapped this as he was walking in so this is his mid-surprise face!

We’ve had a wonderful year and as usual, Christmas was quick but such a blessing with our family.

So, from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Years!


So, as the year comes to a close and we begin looking into the new year it is time once again to begin evaluating what has happened this year and what I want to change and be different next year!

There is quite  few things I want to do in the New Year, so here are just a few.

New Years Resolution

1. Lose 50+ lbs. Now, I know some will probably read this and roll your eyes but I have more motivational factors then ever and I know that it is essential for me to lose the weight before I can truly be happy, healthy and ready to add to our family (which is what I want more than anything).

2. Read my Bible every day.

3. Schedule our evenings better so that we can optimize our time as a family.

4. Make a budget and stick to it so that we can pay off more debt.

5. Read all of the books on my Kindle.

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