Because Simply Caring is Enough


I came across this article called, “What I Learned From a Year In a Strip Club” (which can be read here) and the last thing she said struck me so hard. She said, “I will never forget all that I learned in the strips clubs. The biggest lesson I learned was this: people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” I think it spoke to me because so often I find myself with an agenda, thought, or opinion that is so strong that I can often be one sided and just want to prove my point or make them understand my thoughts and beliefs and I lose sight of the person themselves. Instead of forcing someone be what they aren’t, I hope to learn to care for people based on who they are. I believe that the Lord wants us to do that, I believe He wants to share the Word with others but I think He wants us to care for others, truly care for them and love them where they are, this woman went into strip clubs and loved on them without passing judgment, without telling them that what they were doing was wrong, she just loved them where they were and prayed for and with them. Now that is showing others the love of Christ and that I what I want to do for those who meet me, I want to stop passing judgments and start loving people. Seeing past their imperfections because I’m not perfect either and I would always want someone to see me for me and not my imperfections. To love me for me where I am and how I am in that exact moment because sometimes caring is enough. Sometimes it is just what someone needs to make it through the day, to make it through their life and it is a start because once they know that you care for them, imperfections and all, maybe they will be willing to listen to what you have to say, what I have to say, but I think it all starts with caring for them. I think the only way that I can truly spread The Word and make an impact is if I love people fully where they are, how they are, and without judgments or expectations. Because. Simply. Caring. Simply. Loving. Is. Enough.

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