20 Thoughts That Run Through A Mom’s Head When Feeding Their Toddler

food in face

As a mother there are 2 things that you know to be inevitable as you awake to face the day and that is diaper changing and feeding. I don’t know about you but there are many thoughts that cross my mind as I prepare my son’s food and feed him. Here are just some of those thoughts:

1. Ugh, man it’s that time again. What am I going to feed Silas for (insert breakfast, lunch, dinner).

2. What am I going to feed a picky kid who spits out over half of what I make for him?

3. I never knew it was possible for a child to live off of pb & j’s and mac n’ cheese.

4. Oh left over chicken, I wonder if he’ll eat it…

5. Okay I’ll try the chicken with him.

6. Okay here we go big boy, eat the chicken…..eat….the…

7. Crap, are you kidding me? Ugh don’t spit that out….

8. Okay, you’re done with that….you like bananas, you can have one for fruit.

9. Well back to square one making a pb & j…why do I even bother with new foods?

10. I wish he was more like those kids who eat everything that’s placed in front of them.

11. Would it kill him to at least be consistent?

12. One day he LOVES chicken and the next day he thinks it’s disgusting

13. Okay kid here’s your pb & j.

14. Okay let’s try some real veggies today.

15. Come on…eat the pea…eat the pea…

16. And now it’s on the floor

17. NO. GG (our family dog) don’t eat that! Ugh, at least someone’s eating their veggies

18. Maybe one day he’ll eat everything I make for him….

19. Finally, the last bite has been taken and meal time is over!!!!!!!!

20. Aw man we gotta do this all over again in just a few more hours….


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