What I Wish People Knew About Depression


  • I wish people knew that depression is something that goes on beneath the surface…. ever heard of the expression, “fake it til you make it”? Many times that is what people who struggle with depression do because who wants to be around Debbie the Downer….or hear about how you struggle every morning just to get out of bed. It’s just no fun and we know that.
  • I wish people knew that depression is a day by day, moment by moment  disorder. Some days I genuinely feel okay. Happy and lighthearted and ready to interact and spend time with others…but the next day I can feel like the only place I want to be is in bed and I just don’t want to be around anyone.
  • I wish people knew that depression isn’t always caused by some particular event or issue….sometimes depression just hits because our hormones are off, or (in my most recent case) it’s a side effect of a new medication. It’s hard to explain to people “why” you’re depressed when you feel like you are blessed in your life and you don’t even know why you’re depressed. I guess, sometimes its just how it is and there’s no explaining or understanding it.
  •  I wish people knew that depression isn’t something you just “get over”…. Yes, I’m depressed and I work hard to try to show up to things and put on a brave face, but it isn’t something that can just be “fixed” or that you “push through”. Trust me, I don’t want to be depressed anymore than you want to deal with me being depressed. It’s no fun for anyone.
  • I wish people knew I wasn’t really a flake…. I’m sorry…. I know I must come off as such a flake because I try to plan things and I try to be sociable as best I can but sometimes I cancel things, or I try but have to cancel for whatever reason…. sometimes I miss church for a couple weeks and it’s because I just get in this place where I don’t want to leave home and I just don’t want to face people.
  • I wish people knew that a gentle push isn’t always needed. While sometimes a gentle push can be helpful and needed, it can sometimes make things even worse, especially when they are clinically depressed, or it’s brought on by hormone imbalance and not a stressor (job loss, death in the family or someone close to you, etc).
  • I wish people knew the best thing they can do is give a hug, be praying, and meet them in their comfort zone… for some, well for me, my comfort zone is home….it won’t be forever but sometimes I just feel most comfortable in my house. At times it’s not that I don’t want to see you or spend time with you….it’s just I’m literally a hermit.
  • I wish people knew that I’m doing the best I can… sometimes I fail and I’m a hermit and just can’t handle the gentle push…But I’m trying.


3 thoughts on “What I Wish People Knew About Depression

  1. These are really important truths that you are sharing! Someone dear to me suffers depression some times and it’s hard to remember, but the more I just try to be Christ-like, the easier it is to be what is needed at the moment. I know this person is doing the best they can – thank you for that reminder and for sharing this with your readers!


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