God’s Gentle Nudgings

So, lately I’ve had a chronic case of writers block which has led to me desperately seeking out something to write about, anything to write about. In jumped Satan and his sly and deceptive ways convincing me of my need to spew words of judgment and personal thoughts, though in line with the Bible not called (or yet called) to speak on. But God did something, He convicted my heart and stopped me by using sisters in Christ through discussion. The first nudge came last night when I had a late night conversation with a friend and we spoke about several things. We were talking and she was saying how sometimes if we come across judgmental or are harsh in our words and feelings it can turn them away from the gospel. My thought (which I still feel holds some truth) was that we speak the truth and if they get mad and quit talking to us we still have planted a seed, even if it is a seed of doubt and questioning. Then I was speaking to another friend tonight through Facebook chat and we were talking and she had something to say along the same lines but she went further to say that we should look further and at the bigger picture. There are Christian’s and children being slaughtered overseas for proclaiming God and we nit pick about the small things. She had a point, what should I really be focused on? Sure there are times when an article pops up, or that hot button issue waves at me through the computer screen and I can choose to focus on those things and get fired up about how I need to right the wrongs and rectify those wrong beliefs…or I can choose to pray for things that matter more and focus on things that matter more. There are so many other things, things that I could be glorifying God in then picking a fight or stepping up on my soap box about the most recent recycled debate or issue.

The problem is that sometimes I do not sit still long enough to truly hear what God is telling me and in my excitement to write the next post I go to friends and people I know that can give me feedback to write the post that He has to use those people to help me slow down and really HEAR what HE is telling me. Sometimes, many times, it’s not necessarily what I want to hear. Sometimes I get a no where I want a yes but I have to remind myself that much like my body and life, this blog is not my own. This blog’s purpose is to glorify and honor God, not myself and that means setting aside my pride and my stubborn desire to just blast off with the truth I believe in but leaving no room for mercy or grace. That’s wrong, I’m wrong, and I’m sorry. I think I am beginning to understand with God’s help, that there is a time and place that addressing something may be appropriate and necessary but not here. This blog’s purpose is not just to honor and glorify God but to draw those who read this closer to Him and to His Word and in this case I think that saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than you would with vinegar” applies here.

1 John 4:7

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”


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