The Dent’s Make A Change: 30 Day Plant-based, Whole Foods Challenge

These are words that are encouraging me in so many ways. First of all, it is a reminder that at every turn I have a choice to nourish my body or just continue to fill it up with junk that will not fill me up or nourish my body. It’s encouraging because it reminds me that even if I slip up, the next time I go to the refrigerator or pantry I can make a better choice.This weekend we watched a couple documentaries on Netflix: Fork Over Knives, Fed Up, Vegucated, The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue.. All of these documentaries were very eye opening to the issues of processed food, sugar, and the unethical and cruel treatment of animals used to produce the foods we consume as well as the environmental issues.  So we decided after trying low carb and only losing like 5-10 pounds it was time to try something else, something more and so through these documentaries and the plant-based, whole food eating they showed we decided to try 30 days. So, on Monday we went to Whole Foods and bought tons of fruits, veggies, some beans, grains, oats and then came home and cleaned out our pantry and fridge BECAUSE

I saw this picture and just thought, “YES! EXACTLY”. Maybe it’s just me but if I have any foods in the house that I know I shouldn’t eat they will just taunt me ruthlessly until I fail so for once our house is 100% temptation free and I am left with nothing but good and healthy food options, and that feels so refreshing and gives me such a peace. A great piece of advice I was given recently was when you go to the grocery store instead of focusing on calories, calories from fat, etc look at the ingredients and if there is 5 or more ingredients that you can’t pronounce or recognize then don’t buy it!

So, basically

I CHOOSE to be blown away by how much I have improved in how I look, feel, and perform!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Dent’s Make A Change: 30 Day Plant-based, Whole Foods Challenge

  1. Good luck! I’m always thrilled to hear when someone embraces real food to make a change. We did several years ago and I’ve never looked back. I hope you feel better and become as enthusiast about eating whole food as I am now!


  2. Wow, this is so inspiring! You are so right that we eat what is available. I love that you dumped all the temptations! I may not go as hard-core as you, but I will be more mindful of what I put in my fridge, and I will watch the labels. I try to shop the perimeter of the store where fresh food is.
    Keep us posted on this…very curious how this goes for your family! Blessings!


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