The Inner Struggle


So, this post is going to probably be very candid and I am praying you will all be very gracious and bear with me. So, Memorial Day weekend my husband and I watched several documentaries on Netflix about the mass production of food, the inhumane treatment of animals, and the havoc these foods wreak on our digestive systems.In watching these videos we decided to adopt a plant based, whole foods eating plan, basically vegan. Somewhere along the way though I have really been convicted with how these animals are treated and how their lives are cut short or altered just so we can consume their byproducts or them as a whole. So, now it has become more than just adapting to a new way of eating that is healthier for us, it’s now also about taking a stand.

So, whats this about an inner struggle? One word. Cheese. I LOVE cheese. I will put it on just about anything and while I have looked and found ways to still enjoy a Mexican restaurant and other places when going out to eat there is just one thing I want. Cheese dip. But, of course as a vegan you can’t have cheese. Which brings me to my other favorite food, pizza. I saw that Mellow Mushroom has a Vegan pizza and I am anxious to try that but worry it won’t be nearly as good as the regular kind.

As if my husband was reading into my weakness, he texted me today and said what if we were vegan 95% of the time but allowed for one meal a week that isn’t vegan so we could have cheese dip at a Mexican restaurant, or an occasional pizza. So when I got the message part of me was like, “oh cool sounds good to me.” But the other part says, “So I am opposed to the treatment of animals 17 out of 18 meals a week? I don’t agree with cows being systematically impregnated and then forced to machines to give us milk but not their own calves, but one meal a week it’s okay?” it’s such a struggle because we started this literally one week ago and so of course my body, our bodies are starting to crave the foods we love so much, and we are eating so radically different that it’s easy to see a commercial or someone else eating and salivate at the thought of cheese (I would say or a nice steak, but really cheese is all I care about!).

So, I feel torn but I think as of right now I am going to stick to my convictions (and some Vegan mozzarella cheese) and  abstain from all dairy and see if I feel the same way in a month or two. My first priority is health and losing weight, but now there is just one more reason to stick this out.

Side Note: These are MY personal convictions and our decision as a family. In no way am I saying everyone should eat this way or that my way is right.


5 thoughts on “The Inner Struggle

  1. A tremendous task you have undertaken. I wish you well. Remember one key thing…ALL else is a state of mind. Address your fixation on cheese, mentally, and you will help your body overcome the need. (Personally, as strong as I am, I know I can’t do it….especially about cheese. lol)


  2. Cheese would be a hard one for me too. I appreciate your convictions. I’m eager to follow how you feel your health/weight improve. I really admire people who hold strongly to an approach. It sounds like you have several reasons to keep you going this way, but I also like that you’ve left room for yourself to adjust or change if you don’t feel as strongly in a few months. Keep us posted!


  3. Hi. I applaud your decision, but are you making a difference? If you’re not, then eat cheese and do something else to make a difference. It isn’t the cheese, it is the way the cheese milk is obtained that bothers you. But that is a generalization and not all milk is obtained that way. My wife and I had dairy goats we would milk by hand. She makes fabulous goat cheese. It is to die for. So find a goat farmer that milks goats themselves and ask them if you could buy some cheese. To make a real difference, visit politicians, local and national, and ask them to help. That is how you can make a difference.


  4. I wish you all the best in your decision to better your health as well as stand up for what you believe in.

    I was Vegan for about a year and during that time I felt great, the cravings will go away and as long as you make healthy choices you can sustain this life style.

    I have been slowly introducing some meet…chicken and fish, back into my diet but i’ve noticed that I can’t seem to handle dairy anymore!?!?

    I suggest you pray when those cravings seem to attack you and i’m sure you’ll find the strength you need in God.


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