Not So Vegan

So, for the past month or so I have been identifying myself as a vegan and catching tons of flack for it. Now, I’m not going to do something or not do something just so people will accept me or think what I am doing is okay, but I am learning that certain things can be hot button topics or controversial and people may view you as rigid or extreme, or just crazy. So, in short I have decided to drop the identification of vegan and in it’s place, if need be, identifying myself as adhering to a whole foods, plant based lifestyle. You may be wondering what the difference between the two are and to be honest there isn’t much of a difference other than there is no true restriction of all animal and animal byproducts. I have grappled for the past month on where to place myself on these issues because after watching the documentaries I have and after knowing the treatment of the animals I do feel strongly about how mistreated they are but I also am in imperfect human who has cravings and has lived  the past 25 years consuming meat and dairy. To truly be considered vegan I suppose there can not be slip ups or occasional cheat days and living in the south and loving certain foods it’s just such a hard struggle to truly give it all up. However, I feel like in having a whole food, plant based lifestyle it can allow me to eat like a vegan or vegetarian 98% of the time but still allow for me to have a bad day and splurge 2 % of the time. At this time I truly think I won’t go back to eating chicken or beef but I can’t see into the future so I don’t know. What I do know is that I truly feel I am making a smaller footprint on the earth and doing what is best, what is healthiest for me and my family. I truly hope others wont see or view me as a hypocrite but merely as an imperfect human trying to figure out how to best serve my God in treating my body as a temple.


8 thoughts on “Not So Vegan

  1. I have been flirting with the idea myself. I started adhering to a plant based diet last week, but I have been sick so I am not sure if the diet change was making things worse so I stopped for now. Next week is church camp and unless I am going to pack and store food for the week I am going to have to just eat “normal” food. The plant based diet is so healthy and honestly I don’t miss the meat when I am in it. I agree though that it is important to allow yourself to have cheats every now and then.

    Last summer we went vegetarian for the season and some of the backlash was ridiculous. Why is it anyone’s business what we choose to put in our bodies as long as it is a healthy lifestyle?!?


      1. Chelsea,

        Click on this link ( to get to the blog hop. After my signature you will see posts that have already been added. Under them there is a blue button on the left side that says “Add my (your?) link”. Click on the button and fill in the blanks! Easy peasy! I will then share it on social media throughout the weekend. Others may too. We’d love it if you’d do the same!


  2. I appreciate your honesty, and the flexibility you are giving yourself. Lifestyle decisions like this are challenging to make in the first place, and even more so when you realize they open you up for people to give you all kinds of unsolicited opinions. I admire what you are doing!


  3. Your quote is what grabbed me. I have been Paleo for 6 years. At first I got a lot of flack from my brother. Who now is switching over somewhat. My in-laws think I’m crazy. I am also nightshade intolerant, which means no tomatoes, potatoes, chili and the list goes on. I thought been off for awhile I try some. Talk about death by poisoning from what you eat.


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