Life As Of Late


It’s been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened from finding out the gender of baby Dent #2, to my husband going from a temp worker of 5 years to employed at the company he has been loyal to from the get go, to zoo adventures, birthdays and more!!!!

For my 26 birthday, which was September 14, I decided all I wanted was an early anatomy ultrasound which ended up being the day after my birthday! And we found out…..



So, in March little Tobias Edwards will be joining us and I could not be more excited!

Here he is saying hi!12107836_10204766599193855_1686489037728909651_n

Before my birthday, in the beginning of September, we got word that my husband was finally going to be hired on as a permanent employee and no longer a temp which means so many wonderful things from pay raise, to benefits, insurance and finally paid vacation and sick days which means we don’t have to worry about missed pay when Tobias is born! I am so incredibly proud of him and so glad that his unfaltering loyalty and his persistence and insistence to stay put when everyone, including myself, pushed for him to find another permanent job. He never gave up and it is finally paying off!

My hard working man!!!


October is one of my favorite months because the two most important people in my life were born and even better only a day apart! So, as an early celebration for Silas’ birthday we decided to take him to the zoo and boy was he excited!

The face of joy and pure excitement!


He had a blast even though many of the animals seemed to be asleep or in hiding! He really loved the petting zoo and he even got to ride a pony!

He was skeptical at first but I really think he loved it!


So on Friday, October 23, our little man turned 3 and the entire day was all about him starting with a birthday breakfast at the one and only Waffle House!

The very excited and happy birthday boy!


Then we had a relaxing day before heading to the pumpkin patch which is a birthday tradition we started last year! Silas even picked out his own pumpkin all by himself!

Here he is picking out his little pumpkin!


After that we took him to Steak n Shake for dinner and of course we had to get a picture of him wearing the Steak n Shake hat!

My cute and adorable 3 year old!


The very next day was his awesome TMNT party spent with all of our family! He had a blast eating pizza like his ninja buddies and then he had a yummy cookie cake which wouldn’t be cool if it wasn’t ninja themed so of course we obliged!

Because he is a Ninja in training of course!


Our family was so generous as always and thanks to them Silas is basically set for the fall and winter and even got some cool toys as well!

Silas in all of his ninja coolness!


Saving one of the most exciting pieces of news for last! Right before my birthday (about a week before or so) we decided to make an addition to our already ever expanding family and we put a deposit down for a sweet puppy! She is a morkie which is a Maltese and Yorkie mix! Her mom is about 5 pounds and dad is 6 pounds and she was the runt of the two and so she will probably be 4-5 pounds! She is adorable and we will be getting her on Halloween (just a few days now)!

Everyone meet our new addition, Lady Bird.


Anyways, sorry for so many pictures but that about sums up what has been going on in the life of the Dents the past few months!


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