I Was Plagued… Maybe You Are Too?!?


                 Ever since, and even before having my second son I’ve had energy issues and just completely exhausted all the time. I required a nap every single day around 2 and didn’t have the energy to take the kids out to the park or run errands for our family. I also struggled with GI issues that made me feel like I couldn’t go anywhere without fear that my stomach would get upset. I started hearing about a company called plexus and after a few months I decided to sign up as an ambassador to try the products and sell it to maybe help others get healthy and for the possibility of helping my family become financially free! 

            Since starting plexus my energy has skyrocketed, my stomach issues have diminished greatly and I am finding that my midday Dunkin Donuts runs and naps aren’t needed anymore! I have been able to almost completely give up soda and I find myself reaching for water instead of other drinks! I made a paycheck in my very first month, enough to cover my products and even a little more than that!  

          So, you might be asking yourself, “What is plexus?” I’m glad you asked because I would love to tell you! 

Basically, Plexus is a health and wellness company that has products that are designed to help improve your health. The whole idea behind Plexus is getting healthy from the inside out. Getting to a healthy weight is only a side effect of true health. SO MANY issues are caused by an unhealthy gut and unbalanced blood sugar, so when you start to heal the gut and stabilize blood sugar, a lot of those issues go away! 

              If you have made it this far, first and foremost, thank you for being a loyal reader and follower of my blog! Second of al I want to correlate this back to the meaning of my blog and why I am writing all of this. So the point of my blog, and the goal of my life is to honor and glorify God and that doesn’t exclude my newest business endeavor. I want the Lord to use me through this business to not only help others to fee better and get healthy from the inside out but also use the opportunity to share the gospel with my customers and anyone who decides to join me on this journey!  I know God will bless my business if I give it over to Him and use it as an opportunity to share His Word! I would love to talk to anyone whose interested in knowing more about plexus whether it’s the business or product side! You can comment here, email me at cleonard292@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and send me a message or just go to my website and take a look around or place an order! Preferred customers get a 10% discount and an autoship is set for the same day every month (can be canceled any time after the first week). You can sign up as an ambassador for just $34.95 to sell the products yourself (no monthly requirements but to commissions qualify your backup order has to be on and you have to have 100 Personal Volume to commission qualify) or to just get the products wholesale (there is a way to set up backup orders on so it automatically charges your card and ships each month at the same time). You can purchase a welcome pack which is a one time purchase that is even less than wholesale value! 

Truly hope to hear from you and pray it will bless you as it has blessed me!


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