Stress, Mess, Forever Blessed

First off Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had an amazing day with an abundance of food and waistlines that were elastic!!!

So, it’s been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened!!!! For starters we are expecting baby #3 and we found out it’s a girl and we are naming her Stella Ann!!!

Our boys are growing up so fast!!! We just celebrated Silas’ 5th birthday with a fun Batman party at our house surrounded by family and a few friends and we carried on our tradition of taking him to the pumpkin patch and Steak N’ Shake!

Our Tobias is growing like a weed and has been adding words to his vocabulary almost daily! He is into everything and is quite the funny one!! The other day I went to the restroom alone (which I should have known I was asking for trouble) when he walked in on me looking like this

I laughed for a good minute and then it was bath time (P.S it’s mascara not poop).

Although Silas has not been officially diagnosed we did have him see a child psychologist who said she thinks he may have ADHD and in working with our pediatrician we put him on clonidine which is technically a blood pressure medication but can also be used in children with ADHD to slow them down. It has helped him calm down a little bit and at least get more sleep which he desperately needed. We made the decision to place him in the special ed class in one of our local schools and it has been such an amazing amazing blessing to us. He has the most amazing teacher who loves and adores him and has been helping him master his colors and work on tracing and counting and so much more! When he’s at school I am at complete ease because I know he is in such great hands! It’s not uncommon for me to receive messages from his teacher like this one!

This life can be so stressful and it is often messy (which means I look a hot mess a lot of times) but I am so truly, amazingly, happily blessed.


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