I really do love that quote from Dr. Seuss. With the recent discovery of what has been going on at Planned Parenthood my heart has been heavy and my mind has been blown by how such a evil corporation can view the gift of life, the gift of pregnancy as ¬†insignificant and the value of […]

So,for a while now the Lord has been trying to teach me something that my pride has inhibited me to truly learn and comprehend. My pride has proudly stood in the way and prevented me from humbling myself to what I think deep down I knew was truly needed to effectively share the gospel. I […]

So, for the past month or so I have been identifying myself as a vegan and catching tons of flack for it. Now, I’m not going to do something or not do something just so people will accept me or think what I am doing is okay, but I am learning that certain things can […]

So, this post is going to probably be very candid and I am praying you will all be very gracious and bear with me. So, Memorial Day weekend my husband and I watched several documentaries on Netflix about the mass production of food, the inhumane treatment of animals, and the havoc these foods wreak on […]

These are words that are encouraging me in so many ways. First of all, it is a reminder that at every turn I have a choice to nourish my body or just continue to fill it up with junk that will not fill me up or nourish my body. It’s encouraging because it reminds me […]

So, lately I’ve had a chronic case of writers block which has led to me desperately seeking out something to write about, anything to write about. In jumped Satan and his sly and deceptive ways convincing me of my need to spew words of judgment and personal thoughts, though in line with the Bible not […]

So often my mind runs wild with the “what if’s” in life and I so often struggle with the desire to have control in all aspects in life. I have a feeling that i’m not alone in this, so what’s the problem? The problem is that we live in an unpredictable world with so many […]